Lean Management

Tidiness is Everything

Lean is all the rage, and by some means or other application successes are quickly created. Unfortunately, the matchstick effect is ubiquitous and continuous change degenerates into a paper tiger.

It is a philosophy and a living example at Toyota, with all its ups and downs. Each of us expect of a purchased product, be it a commodity or service that it is good ... well, actually it should be perfect. For such all employees at more or less strive for that product creation, within a certain process flow. But how can you expect just this perfect product leaves the company, if the underlying processes ground on sweat, stress and groaning?


Now you can run lean in two ways:

-The Most frequent one-

Cleaning up, providing tools to introduce rules that reduce monitoring , freeing unnecessary capacity ...


-Another method-

Observing, understanding, collecting knowledge, clean up, deployment and training of tools, work rules, measure results, using the freed up capacity for other continuous improvements  ...


Sure, not a big difference, but the little things change the course of things. Like in the first example you run an engine without oil. The oil stands symbolic of humaneness, fairness and understanding, which are the key drivers of motivation.


It costs too much and takes too long? Yes, it costs something. But it does not take, it becomes a self-running process. This is much more effective in a short time and sustaining, and brings ever-increasing improvements. 


Resource time

The core resources capital and time keeping us constantly on the run! Which one is the more valuable? Surely by far which is not reversible, namely the time. Quantum of elapsed time is used up and can never get back.


Also, capital is a monstrous important resource! Consumed capital is consumed, but it can be re-arranged. No matter which resource, waste is a horror! Both must be used responsibly. Interestingly, however, is that it is virtually custom pushing time-consuming things through with as little capital. Therefore, the results are classic behind schedule, are more expensive and take longer. High-spirited ambition often beats healthy, focused decisions. 


The Nightmare word LEAN

"We are conducting Lean ..." and in the minds is spreading, "more work to less shoulders", increasing profits through loss of job, ... What follows is mostly resignation instead of motivation.


Now, all of the team must arrive at the same time at the home stretch. As well, the speedy sales must be considerably in line of production, otherwise it fills the head start with sorry-calls to the customer.


Motivation and leadership style

Pressure or trust? Another balance act!

Managing by bare pressure creates a kind of motivation and some goal achievement. The effort is enrom because the pressure needs to be readjusted again and again by evasive actions.


Trust management continuously increases motivation. Achieved Goals are a stepping-stone to the next.


Well, what are your many projects do that remain and do not move forward? 

The best thing about Lean is what you make of it! We create ways with you that enhance the discussed value to your customers and your team sustainable.





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